Disneyland: 2 Weeks

IMG_6997Labor day being so late this year, I keep thinking Disneyland is closer than it actually is and then I count the weeks and have that “oh MAN, it’s still ____ weeks away?!” It’s 2 weeks away now though, officially, and that’s not just my bad math skills and desire to go on vacation talking. My concerns this week have focused on weighing my options on how to get from LAX to the Disneyland Hotel (and back again).

My options so far:
a) Shuttle
b) Cab (because who doesn’t want the trip from the airport to the hotel to cost the same as the transcontinental airline ticket?)
c) Uber

Last time, I took a cab from the airport but I landed at John Wayne (SNA) which is much closer to Disneyland (but I had to connect in Dallas) and also my mother refused the idea of taking a shuttle anywhere. If memory serves, the cab wasn’t ridiculously expensive and cheaper than the cab I took from MCO to the Swan Hotel in January. Yeah.

IMG_6996I understand that people hate Uber and take issue with the sharing economy. But, as someone who lives in a city with the world’s shittiest cab service ever and I don’t own a car… Uber is really convenient. Sunday night at Union Station (prime time when I’m taking a cab) there’s usually a long line to get a taxi, or you have to call a cab company to come pick you up and guess how often I have spent a shit ton of time trying to find the number of a cab company and then had no one show up?

So, basically, I kinda love Uber. If you’re unfamiliar, Uber is an app based service you sign up for (and can get $20 off your first ride).  You use the app to request a car and pay via a credit card.  Lyft is (a smaller version but essentially) the same thing as Uber.  I don’t have to call anyone and explain where I live, I give them the destination on the phone and the GPS is reading it out while I’m in the car.  The drivers have always been awesome, the cars really clean and well maintained… I mean, my experience so far has been awesome.

Apparently, unlike MCO, LAX allows them to pick up at the airport. so here’s to hoping the service is working and I’m taking uber to Disneyland.


One thought on “Disneyland: 2 Weeks

  1. Just be careful to not get in a car at the airport that assesses the surcharge. That happened to me in NYC and it ended up being an uber expensive ride 😀
    I vote for shuttle! $12 can’t be beat.

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