Disneyland Half Marathon: Less than one week

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 7.45.28 AMThis is the point where I start reviewing all my travel details because I live in constant fear that I didn’t buy a return plane ticket or something, only to wake up that morning with no way to get home. Or I didn’t book the hotel for the right number of days, so I actually have nowhere to sleep Thursday night. But a quick review of travel documents indicates that yes, I did in fact book everything I was supposed to book.

It’s all paid for, too, which is pretty nice (coincidentally I’ve got a one day park ticket I’m looking to unload so if you’re going to be there and want it, let me know).

The Disney Parks Blog unveiled the official race merchandise and while I do in fact see things I would love to purchase, I’m also realistic that nothing will be left by the time I get there. And I’m getting there on the first day of the expo, mind you. The first thing I noticed about runDisney expos are that they are merchandise shit shows. shirts... everywhere

People grab everything as though they have never seen shirts before and it’s somewhat mind boggling, honestly. In fact, people are talking about lining up at 6 am before the expo opens just to get merchandise. And despite being The Place Where There Are a Million Gift Shops, (where you can’t exit a bathroom without going through a store) Disney notoriously doesn’t do a good job of meeting the demand for race merchandise and before the race expo even opens, items are up for sale on ebay at drastic mark-ups.

And guess who is not paying for this shit on ebay? Oh yeah.

It’s not that I’m a merchandise fiend or a collector, but sometimes you just want to stop by and pick up a magnet ’cause it’s cute (like I did at Dopey this year) only the line is 2 hours long and ain’t nobody got time for that. I walked away from this year’s marathon not buying a single thing because of the insane line and crowd of people in the merchandise booth. And the Disneyland expo space is much, much smaller than the Disney World locations. No fun.

Feelings about the runDisney expo?



10 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon: Less than one week

  1. You have TWO one day park passes you want to unload…if anyone else needs/wants.

    I’m still traumatized by the expo from 2013. There could be a miracle and it’s better this year! (it’s really unhealthy how badly I want that jacket. Matches how unhealthy I really want to to do Star Wars is).

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