Disneyland Half Marathon: Packing up

The suitcase is out. IMG_7053

It’s changed a little bit since you first saw it when I packed for the marathon in 2013, adorned with free stickers I got from raw threads and a random “row to Rio” sticker I got for free at a US Rowing 5k (even though right now I’m not feeling too “a part of the rowing community” but we’ll save that for another time). Anyway.

IMG_7050Packing up to go on a running vacation always requires a little more planning than a non-running vacation since “buying it there” becomes less and less desirable. If I forget my shoes, which are now officially a minimum 1 and maximum 2 years out of date in terms of model (and did I mention I have to get the wide size which is not always sold in stores?) the most important item can’t be easily replicated.

Over the weekend, during a little free time, I laid out all my costumes for each race plus a few “back up” items. I’m banking on warm weather with this, which I feel pretty good about assuming. The back ups are usually a bonus pair of shorts, sports bra, and socks juuuuuuuust in case.

Attire includes reprising my 2013 Wine & Dine Smee costume for the 5k, a Haunted Mansion outfit for the 10k, and one half of the Tweedles for the half marathon. I look forward to reuniting with my better running half, Ms. Kellie and should you see us out having an amazing time, you’re always welcome to pull up alongside and join the fun because we’re awesome like that.

Unless we’re trying to get race merchandise. Then it’s best to just slowly back away.

Who else is ready for Labor Day Weekend?


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