Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Highlights

DHM2015A brief overview of some of my favorite things from this weekend…

IMG_7081The Disneyland Hotel

I love this hotel. If you have ever wanted to stay in a hotel that was Disney themed as opposed to themed by Disney, this hotel is amazing. From the really nice rooms to sitting out by the pool and hearing Disney music playing in the background and the Disney museum that is the lobby, I loved everything about this hotel.

The Single Rider Line

Disneyland knows how to treat single riders, and most rides here have lines for those of us not in parties of 2 or larger and this meant I could ride Indiana Jones 7 times without waiting in a long line. Walt Disney World, get on this and get on it now.

IMG_7092The Fried Green Tomato Sandwich

The tastiest sandwich in Disneyland. At times, it was difficult finding menus that weren’t just all meat items (Tangaroa Terrace had one tofu salad and everything else was meat) but this sandwich was absolutely, positively amazing. I ate it 3 times and I’m already starting a petition to bring it to Disney World.

Hanging out with old friends and even making some new ones

Picking up runners along the way to the finish line is a lot of fun, and I would strongly encourage anyone who is running Disney to try it out. Costumes are great conversation starters and Disneyland was just one more time I picked up a new friend along the course.

Later that day, I sat at the Napa Rose bar for over 3 hours making new friends and learning about Disneyland from the locals who love it because hanging out at hotel bars is my new favorite thing to do when I travel by myself and apparently the Disneyland bars have regulars in a way the WDW ones do not. IMG_7467So, how was everyone else’s weekend?


10 thoughts on “Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Highlights

  1. That Goofy chick was pretty awesome. We should have gotten more info… do we know if she’s on TeamRunDisney somewhere?

    And I’m bummed I didn’t get to try that sandwich. Guess I’ll just have to make another trip out there! (Mom is totally caving, she loved the idea of me walking the 5K with her and wearing matching costumes!)

  2. I didn’t realize the Disney bars had regulars. I live in the area and do the parks alone all the time, but I never thought of getting a drink around there. I always thought it would be just couples. Thanks for the info!

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