The Disneyland Hotel and GET Travel Review

IMG_7064In 2012, I stayed at the Sheraton Park in Anaheim, not at a Disney hotel. The hotel itself was really nice, the rooms were great, but ultimately if I’m traveling to Disney, I’m staying in a Disney hotel. So, this year, I got a travel package through GET travel that included a slight hotel room discount and theme park ticket ($20 off the price of the ticket for each night I had booked through them).

GET travel was really easy to work with and a no muss no fuss method. I’ve booked discounted Disneyland park tickets through them in the past no problem, and this round was more of the same. I booked online, emailed back and forth with one of the agents when I wanted to update things (she always responded within a 24 hour period), and when I got there there was indeed a hotel room and park ticket awaiting me.

IMG_7080Bottom line: I love this hotel and would highly recommend it if you want a hotel that is Disney themed as opposed to one themed by Disney.

I checked in around noon on Thursday and miracle of miracles they not only had a room waiting for me but with an upgraded pool view which, I kid you not, was The Shit.

Despite being one person, they gave me a room with two beds in the Fantasy Tower, which was fine with me. Plus, I was right next to the elevator. If you’ve ever stayed in a Disney World hotel, you know that being near an elevator is kind of a huge deal. The room was really large, the bathroom was really nicely done, and there was even a separate coffee prep counter by the door.

IMG_7171Even if you don’t love Disney, this place satisfies the Disney freak without freaking out the non-Disney fans. There were subtle Mickey outlines on the sheets that you couldn’t see unless you looked really, really closely, and the photographs were of Walt Disney walking through the castle and the great one in the bathroom of the lanterns on the teacups. When I sent my mom pictures, she loved the room so that’s saying a lot. Plus, the overall size was enormous.

The headboard also lights up as fireworks and plays “A dream is a wish your heart makes” in a music box sound that comes from that lamp. The headboards do this at Port Orleans in the Princess Tiana rooms, but here it doesn’t look really tacky. It’s actually pretty lovely.

Fun fact: The lighting in the bathroom was really easy on the eyes for the early morning wake up calls.

IMG_7081The view was pretty amazing and I really enjoyed the hotel’s pool while I was there.  I spent the hotter afternoons sitting out on a lounge chair, listening to the relaxing sounds of instrumental/toned down versions of Disney classics that played softly in the background, like the music from Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella or the Tea Cups.

The short building was Tangaroa Terrace and right behind that is Trader Sam’s, which was impossible to get into the entire weekend.  The biggest downside to the hotel for me was the food–I loved the macadamia nut/pineapple muffins, but finding something without meat was a little difficult after breakfast ended. (There was one kale/tofu salad option and that was it.)

Park walk: It’s further than the Grand Californian, but a nice walk and the monorail (which is even closer) will drop you off in Tomorrowland so that was pretty amazing.

Expo walk: I didn’t even have to walk outside, just take the elevator to the first floor, so basically most convenient runDisney expo ever. Ever. It was amazing.

Start line walk: Up at 4:45, out by 5:00, in the corral by 5:05 am. So basically, I want this for Dopey. Make it happen, Disney.

Anyone else love the Disneyland hotel?


5 thoughts on “The Disneyland Hotel and GET Travel Review

  1. I live so close I’ve never been able to justify staying on property. Maybe when I win the lottery I can splurge. I’ve heard that people really love the Disneyland Hotel, and you can’t beat rolling out of bed right onto the start line!

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