Oh right, I’m running

Evil.QueenFunny story. Turns out, traveling out of town for a Disney race (or three) is actually mildly exhausting. Who knew, right?

Ever since returning from Disneyland, I’ve been having a hard time getting myself back into the groove of working out. Lack of motivation? Check. Lack of time? Check. Inability to wake up earlier than 7 am? Triple check. Fortunately, I’ve gotten to the point where I actually hear my alarm go off now and just ignore it instead of completely sleeping through it, blithely unaware of its nagging, so that’s progress.

Fortunately, I’ve had social media to let me know that everyone else has been uber dedicated to their training this week. Doing speedy 20 milers in poor weather conditions like they’re eating smarties or something and eating kale salads with things that promote healing and recovery afterwards.

The runner humble brag is annoying as fuck on a good day, by the way, and even more when it’s a constant reminder of your shortcomings so I’m just over here like: IMG_6137

For all of you who haven’t been getting in your salmon, quinoa, roasted veggie dinners with all the balanced nutrients you need to fuel your active lifestyle, fear not, for there, too, I can make you feel a little bit better about yourselves. I’ve been eating a box of matzo leftover from Passover because it’s that or a 2 year old box of cereal that I’m pretty sure something’s living in right now.

Anyone else really hitting a homerun with this whole marathon training thing right now?


11 thoughts on “Oh right, I’m running

  1. Yeah, I’m about on the same level. I think I did one quality run this week and ate a whole jar of Nutella. Because why not?

  2. I haven’t been running, and I’m not even in the recovery stage. It’s just been hot and I haven’t wanted to do it. I have a 10K this weekend on a very hilly course. It should be a nice stroll.

  3. So funny! I’m completely failing at the marathon training right now so no homeruns here. Pretty knee deep in run failure at the moment. And yeah, social media isn’t the running pick-me-up I thought it would be. It’s not even the humble brag thing. It’s that I can’t believe so many good runs and great training cycles can happen to a single person. I guess that’s just what winning looks like. (I wouldn’t know) ๐Ÿ™‚

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