Disneyland 5k: Why 5ks Are Awesome

IMG_7207Ok, normally I would say 5ks are hell on earth because you spend the entire time gasping for breath and feeling like your lungs are burning off. But I haven’t gotten that feeling in a Disney 5k because I take my sweet ass time. It’s not so much that I walk the whole thing, but rather more like a sprint from character to character and the lines are what result in the really long time it takes me to get to the finish line. People complain that it’s not taking the 5k seriously because, you know, they’re serious runners but honestly, I have plenty of $20 5ks I can take seriously as a runner. Disney 5ks I take seriously as someone who loves Disney.

Perhaps it’s because I’m freshest for the 5k and haven’t been waking up early for the last 2-3 mornings, but whenever it’s 5k morning I’m up and ready to go. This was my first experience rolling out of bed and into my corral immediately and it was amazing. Absolutely amazing.

IMG_7209We started in the last corral because we had signed up last minute through a travel agent. Once I saw the medal I was all, “oh fuck it, I’m just doing the 5k, it’s not like I’m going back to Disneyland anytime soon.” And Kellie, also lacking in self control, didn’t need to be told more than once before she, too, was doing the 5k. Costumes were coordinated and we went Hook and Smee, and we were prepared To Make All The Stops.

And we did.

Strangely enough, we thought we would experience the most congested course ever starting in the last corral for the 5k but whatever, right, it’s untimed and we’re stopping for pictures. Surprise of all surprises, though, by the time we were halfway through California Adventure, there was no one else out on the course. No hoard of walkers traveling 6 abreast like a Russian military parade, I mean, we saw maybe 10 other people at a given time.

In short, it was amazing to have Disneyland almost entirely to ourselves. Below is what the course looked like for us around Big Thunder Mountain Railroad just before Mile 2. IMG_7199There were 2 golfcarts behind us that some people thought were sweepers, but I noted that they had passengers who appeared to be driven from photo stop to photo stop so I’m not really sure what was going on there.

Which 5k took longer, the Disneyland or the one I did as a part of Dopey I’m not sure–it might have been Dopey, since I think that one had longer lines (KARATE CHIP AND DALE I’M LOOKING AT YOU) but I genuinely loved it and my fridge magnet medal, as my sister calls it, so all in all, I had a wonderful time. But the best part of all was the man and his service dog who leap frogged with us during the 5k. Later that day, we saw them at Disneyland and in case you were wondering, yes, she wore her medal around the park that day like any other Disney runner. IMG_7225



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