26.2 Days of Marine Corps Marathon: Ze Long Run

2013-3-28-MarineCorpsMarathonIt’s time to start the 26.2 days of the Marine Corps Marathon! There are less than six weeks til the marathon. Well, a little less than 6 weeks, which means everyone and their mother is on facebook posting about their fall marathon training. AND YOU DON’T GO ON FACEBOOK AND BRAG ABOUT SHITTY RUNS. So, I cut myself off of facebook. I am having a hard time seeing people’s “great” runs posted there and not feeling shitty about my own runs and the pace I’ve been doing. So the solution: I just don’t read it.

For other people, shitty long runs usually translate into great marathons. Last year, everyone who consoled me about their similarly lackluster training cycle PR’d. I’m not kidding. “By accident,” they all smile and laugh, “and I wasn’t even really trying!” Fuckers.

IMG_7508The weather was amazing, the day was great, I just didn’t bring it. As usual. the first 11 were solid and good and then the last 8.5 were downhill. And not on the good way.

When the going gets tough, the stubborn refuse to yield to reason and logic. As with the running of any distance, it’s easy to do it when you have that magical run where everything clicks and comes together, when you can see the progress and improvement and walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment without feeling the need to “salvage” anything. I no longer need a Google map to find the location of the silver lining because I’ve had to find it a lot of times.

You don’t get those great runs if you never get through the shitty ones. So, whether it’s hitting the mileage for your upcoming 5k at your dream pace, finally getting yourself up to a 10k, or making 13 your lucky number at a half marathon (or god forbid you’ll be at Marine Corps in just a few weeks), let’s all just remember that completion of the miles is sometimes an epic feat of its own.

Anyone got any ideas for when the runs get shitty?



9 thoughts on “26.2 Days of Marine Corps Marathon: Ze Long Run

  1. Oh man, I hear you. I love the, ” I wasn’t really trying at all but I beat you by 20 minutes”. I usually try and just focus on the scenery when the race turns bad. But that usually works for about 5 minutes. Then I just start thinking about what I’m going to eat or drink afterwards!

  2. I did my 18 mile run last weekend. Notice that you saw not mention of it on social media. it sucked. My running has sucked recently and it’s been incredibly frustrating. At this point I’m replying on race day adrenaline for my upcoming marathons (yes, stupid me made it plural marathons!) to even be tolerable.

  3. I pretty much took an 8 month running break so right now, running 3 miles seems hard. It’s pretty disheartening. 😦

    Maybe on race day everything will just click and all this suffering will be worth it!

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