Fall Fun

Fall is a busy time for me and this year it certainly shows no signs of being a boring season in 2015. Normally, I do a bunch of half marathons in the spring and this year I kept my promise to myself and did none (I should’ve also kept my promise to myself to not do a fall marathon but whatever, different story).

I realized as I went over my calendar, though, that surprisingly I have no fewer than 7 races between now and December 1st, including 2 fall head races with my rowing club. Up on the calendar:

The Navy Air Force Half Marathon – 9/20
I hadn’t planned on running this, in no small part because it was so expensive, but given how conveniently located it is (like, roll out of bed and Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 4.55.22 PMwalk to the start convenient) and given how shitty my 20 miler was, I figured what the hell and signed up a few hours before online registration closed. Living in DC without a car and relying on Metro means my weekend options can be pretty limited race-wise, so not having to take a cab to the start meant this has been on my list for a long time.

Head of the Anacostia – 9/26
My club’s annual head race, this one will be done in a boat. I’m looking forward to it–first prize “medals” are actually apple pies. Still debating whether to enter the baking contest…

PHM.2013.Logo_.000Head of the Potomac – 9/27
My first regatta ever, I’m repeating my appearance this year so I can get back on the Potomac, DC’s prettier river, for 5 kilometers of fun.

Princeton Half Marathon – 10/4
I signed up and over the summer thought I wouldn’t run this one. Then my mom was like, “WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU IN 2 WEEKS!” What can I say, I’m a good daughter?

4208950Halloween Half Marathon – 10/18
I registered for this and it cost $18 back in February. It’s in New Jersey and put on by the same people who do the Superhero Half in May. For the price tag and one last fun jaunt before Marine Corps with a festive holiday theme, I’m excited for this one and being able to dress like Minnie Mouse outside Disney without it being too weird.

Marine Corps Marathon – 10/24
The day of reckoning.

Wine & Dine Half Marathon – 11/7
Back to Walt Disney World for Wine & Dine #4! Ah, my home turf where everything is in the right spot but unfortunately there’s no fried green tomato sandwich.

Naples Half Marathon – 11/22
In scenic Naples, Florida a change of scenery and (god willing) not an opportunity to injure myself post-Marine Corps. 30th birthday half marathon seemed like a better idea than a 30th birthday marathon in Philly.

What is everyone most excited about for fall?


6 thoughts on “Fall Fun

  1. I’m jealous of pretty much all of these…figures, as soon as I tell myself I can’t register for any more races I was to register for ALL THE RACES!

    P.S. You’ll kick ass in all of them 🙂

  2. I didn’t know there was a half in November in Naples! Hmm, need to take a look at that. I always wanted to run the half in Naples but thought there was only one in January/February and it ended up being between Disney and Miami races for me. Have you run it before? I’m surprised it’s so expensive.

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