One Ho of a Weekend

IMG_7544Despite being the 1 month mark to the Marine Corps Marathon, running was not on my list of activities this past weekend. Instead, I rowed what ended up being a combined 24 miles in the Head of the Anacostia and Scullers’ Head of the Potomac (HOTA and SHOP, respectfully) regattas, which combine to be called the Head of State.

I can say with absolute certainty that this was on par with the Dopey Challenge in terms of how tired and achy I am right now.

I rowed in 4 total races and achieved my dream when, on the second day, I was called over by our coach who said, “We’re one rower short with 2 minutes til we have to launch, will you row?” Everyone looked at me and one woman said, “We’ll be scratched otherwise.IMG_7542” It was the moment I’d waited for and I milked it for all it was worth as I dramatically took off my jacket and said, “Good thing I didn’t change out of my uniform.”

Disclaimer: Fuck, that hurt.

It was really nice being back on the Potomac, unfortunately the Anacostia was like a combination of surfing and rowing with a heavy headwind and waves that knocked our 4 around and then proceeded to do the same to our 8 person boat. Bows were broken off of boats and a high school crew sank their boat and had to be rescued by the Coast Guard. But, I can officially say that I have gone out undefeated in the women’s novice 4 category!

The greatest souvenir of all though has to be my right hand, which has been gross and a nasty all week long. I am really grateful that running the half marathon in Princeton next weekend doesn’t require anything of my hands, and even more excited for the month of November, when I can just allow all my skin to grow back. IMG_7540How was everyone else’s weekend? Ready for fall?!


5 thoughts on “One Ho of a Weekend

  1. You know I have issues when I stare at your hands and then get upset because mine don’t look like that anymore…I miss crossfit.

    But was there really any doubt you would kick ass and take names? I mean REALLY?!?!

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