26.2 Days of Marine Corps: Watching Along

It’s almost time!!!!

So, spectating the Marine Corps Marathon… If you want to follow your runner around,  naturally your coverage depends on how fast they run.  The good thing about the Marine Corps course for people spectating is that especially in DC, there are a lot of places where you can see your runner twice without have to move yourself too far. These points include the portion on Rock Creek Parkway, the south side of the mall by Hains Point/Martin Luther King Jr. statue, and on the east side of the mall by the Smithsonian museums. Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.54.30 PM

I got the most bang for my buck covering these areas with the star on the map.

Told you I was colorful.

Favorite viewing spot: 14th street bridge. I parked myself on a divider a few feet from the 20 miler marker and loved it.  I handed out candy and yelled “IT’S ONLY A 10K LEFT, RIGHT?!” I handed out candy and stayed til the very last runner came by and the course was reopened. The closest metro stop is Smithsonian.

Favorite method of transportation: Bike. Seriously, especially if you’re following someone around in DC, Capital Bikeshare charges $7 for a one day membership. It was a lot easier following around on my bike than taking the metro since things aren’t always really close to the metro and the metro itself is unreliable.

Suggestion: Split the course. If you’re lucky and have more than one person out cheering for you, split your spectators between DC and Virginia to maximize coverage without burning out your loyal in person fans.

Also, being a #TweerLeader is a real thing and in its own right pretty awesome. It’s like you get to come up with a million awesome marathon signs of 180 characters or less so start combing through those Taylor Swift lyrics.

Anyone have a favorite marathon sign they’ve seen? What’s your dream spectator like?



3 thoughts on “26.2 Days of Marine Corps: Watching Along

  1. I wish I remembered the race signs! I like when people post them afterwards, like Runner’s World who posted the sign: “I Trained All Week To Carry This Sign!!” So funny!

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