26.2 Days of Marine Corps: (MORE) Exciting Places to Eat

IMG_7694The best place to carbo load pre-race is obviously my apartment where there’ll be pasta and a screening of Hocus Pocus this Saturday night, but since I live in a place that’s too small to accommodate you all, you’ll have to go elsewhere.  Sorry.

The District has a lot of cool places but I don’t know 99% of them because I am not one of those exciting foodies who has money to do things like go out and eat. But here are some suggestions of places I have been that I actually have really enjoyed. They’re mostly quick places if you’re walking around the District and looking to get a quick thing to eat for lunch.

Bayou Bakery
There’s a DC location by Capitol Hill and another near the Courthouse Metro stop in Arlington. They make beignets. BEIGNETS. An excellent choice if you want somewhere to kind of sit around and relax while drinking coffee. Whenever I run past the Capitol Hill one, you can’t avoid the aroma of bacon. The DC location I know has a full bar as well…

IMG_6992Dog Tag Bakery
Honestly, skip the line at Baked & Wired (and don’t even bother with Georgetown Cupcake). If you want baked goods in Georgetown, this place is a good choice (with sandwiches, soup, and bread too) plus the bakery trains wounded vets and their caregivers for new careers. Win-win.

District Donut
Across the street from the Marine Corps barracks on Barracks row, this place has a) great donuts and b) shirts that say “Semper Fry.” I think they just sold themselves.

Founding Farmers/Farmers, Fishers, Bakers
I’ve recommended this to a bunch of people, and everyone always loves it. Founding Farmers is closer to the White House while Farmers, Fishers, Bakers is on the Georgetown Waterfront.

Looking for pizza in DC? Veloce is closed on the weekends, but their sit-down sister Pizzeria Paradiso is open (they pride themselves on their thick, book-like beer list).  If you’re over by Barracks Row or the Marine Corps Marathon expo, Matchbox pizza has locations in both places (and visit Ted’s Bulletin, owned by the same company, because they make bitchin’ pop tarts. That’s right, pop tarts.). In Virgnia, there’s Piola. Good for groups: Vapiano in downtown DC and Chinatown where you can order separately at the counter.

Fun fact for people staying in Rosslyn/Arlington: there’s now a pop-up target there where you can pick up random items for Target prices (1500 Wilson Blvd)! I am pretty disgustingly excited about this.


15 thoughts on “26.2 Days of Marine Corps: (MORE) Exciting Places to Eat

  1. Pizza Paradiso looks pretty good! I have pizza on my mind post race but I never know what I really feel like eating until afterwards. I was just trying to reserve restaurants for when I go up and things are really getting booked. Yikes.

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