Hometown Marathons are Best

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 7.54.30 PMWell, it’s time for the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend.  After months of preparation and a solid week at work that took a huge load off my mind, I’m pretty excited for the weekend.

The most exciting thing about Marine Corps for me is that it’s a local race.  I went out for a run on Thursday night and saw the mile markers and signs up. When I get up on Sunday, I’ll see the police lights and see them setting up on Key Bridge and Rock Creek parkway.  There’s something really awesome about feeling like your whole city is getting ready for the marathon, from the traffic advisory on the internal work website to the signs up along your regular running route and knowing the course.

My rowing club has staked out spots on the course where they’ll be cheering and I’ll get to celebrate post-race at my favorite place for a vegetarian burger.  I’ll be out running in my red and white polka dot sparkle skirt and a black tank top probably singing a Taylor Swift song so if you’re out running and you see me SAY HI!!!!

And if you’re looking for me afterwards, head to the bar at Burger Tap, and Shake in Washington Circle.

May the course be ever in your favor and have a great time on Sunday!


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