Mile 27

IMG_7769The ending of the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon is in part a relief.  It feels good to be done with it and moving on with life and waking up and being able to get out of bed this morning without feeling totally shitty.  (Side note: It’s never a good idea to go to work the day after a marathon.)

The marathon…. Now we’re standing alone and we’re not speaking.

Looking back on it, the Marine Corps Marathon went much the same way the NYC one did, right down to my time.  The marathon more than any other distance has proven to be my white whale.  I keep chasing it, convinced like some lunatic that despite the evidence to the contrary that I can improve.  Even more than the half marathon, I feel like I have a better marathon in me. I’ve done it, I’ve run a marathon faster than this one and than NYC last year but recapturing it has proven illusive at best.

So, I’m going to be positive about it.  I’m regrouping.  I’m bouncing back from disappointment and looking to the future.  Again.  Monday evening I started 30 days of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube.  Next Thursday, I’m heading to Disney World for the Weekend to End All Weekends, the Wine & Dine half marathon.  And I signed up for a training group that meets in Georgetown and has track workouts as well as long runs.

The rowing season ends next week, but with my work schedule and my sister’s wedding, how many practices I can make between now and then is up in the air.  I’m oddly relieved the season is ending, though.

So, after a big running milestone, what do you do?



8 thoughts on “Mile 27

  1. I had this problem in August after I finished a big race, and then just really didn’t care too much for running anymore. I’ve been doing some shorter races, but it’s just not the same. I’m going to try and focus on yoga, biking and body Works class for the next 2 to 3 months and really cut down the running. plus with the holidays and all, it’s like insanity. So I’m sure there’s a lot of us in this same position!

  2. I can’t complain about my time given that I had run a marathon 2 weeks prior and this MCM was faster than my last one, but overall I’m disappointed…I didn’t run a particularly smart race and in hindsight I should have kept my pace in check. I really struggled the last few miles.

    Marathons are frustrating…no matter how much work you put in there are so many race day factors that can affect your run and if you have a bad day it’s not like you can just pop out and get redemption the next weekend!

  3. As someone in a state of regrouping, I think you are right–regrouping is key. My hope is that we both get re-grouped over the winter and make some great races happen in 2016….and then we can celebrate in WDW at W&D 2016. 🙂

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