Wine & Dine Time

Ah, Wine & Dine, the race that reminds me that I’m totally an early to bed kind of person.

This is our 4th year together and it always ends up being the race that’s easiest to sucker other people into because it a) has wine in the name and b) it starts at night so no one has to get up at 3 am.  Big selling points, which is part of the reason Wine & Dine is going to be pretty exciting this year as Kellie, Kim, and I hold a reunion tour and welcome someone who can actually legit sing and has talent to the race course because Rae is coming for her first Disney race!

 People are always like, “OMG it’s a NIGHT race!  What do I do before the race??????” I usually run in the evening, so for me this isn’t that weird.  Plus, this is running with friends for fun and I’m in fucking Disney World I’m doing whatever I’d normally do and it won’t phase me in the least.  I just cut off the food by 8 pm.  Dopey is when the races really affect my schedule/choices, so Wine & Dine is as fun as possible.

***Disclaimer: This isn’t shitting on people who are All About The Time and want to PR.  You can do that at Wine & Dine. I’ve done that at Wine & Dine following exactly the above strategy of doing whatever I want to do.  It’s all good.

IMG_2750The one suggestion I do have: if you’re a picky eater like myself, leave something in the room or in your bag check for you to eat post-run. Food options in Epcot are mostly limited to the Food & Wine kiosks, so if you’re not crazy about the options (Vegans/Vegetarians, I’m looking at you) just Be Prepared with some options.

Here’s to hoping it’s dry enough that I can finally wear my post-race party pajamas around Epcot this year.

Anyone else coming to Wine & Dine this year?


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