6.2 Things Running Has Taught Me

  1. IMG_6942God invented sports bras as added punishment because childbirth was apparently not enough.
  2. Sunset and sunrise are the two best times of the day but sunrise is still not really worth getting up early for.
  3. That smell… that smell is me.
  4. Nothing I do will ever be good enough and while that can help fuel me to push myself in healthy ways, it more often leads to me pushing myself right off of a cliff into an abyss of despair.
  5. There is a Running Industrial Complex but honestly if it means elastic waisted pants become mainstream I can forgive them a lot of other evils.
  6. Running is best done quietly and not broadcasted to everyone who simply doesn’t give a shit about you or your stupid hobby.

0.2: Doggy runners love wearing their medals around Disneyland after the race, too.IMG_7225


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