And then I rubbed my eyes

IMG_7805The wedding is over. Thank you, baby Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister and we’re very close (well, I’m an Elsa so for an Elsa type person we’re close) but I fucking hate big parties in catering halls.  And I hate her husband’s taste in music.  And friends.  And limos, though I’ve been assured you can’t get an STD from sitting in a stretch SUV limo car thing.

The fun part of never wearing make up is that when you do wear make up, get dressed nicely, and do your hair it has a heightened dramatic effect.  Suddenly, I swear to god, people who saw me at the rehearsal dinner came over the next morning at the church and asked me who I was.  “Uh, you met me last night, I’m the bride’s sister…?” “OH! You look so DIFFERENT!” “No, no, same girl, see I’ve got my marathon jacket I was wearing last night in my bag for when I get cold.”

All in all, my dress worked out fine (yay for pockets, knee length hemlines, and elastic waistbands) and although my hair hurt at the end of the night, it stayed in place perfectly til I ripped it out on the ride home.  I’m wearing converse in all the wedding photos except at the church and I was the only person who wasn’t complaining about how much their feet hurt or how they couldn’t walk anywhere.  #PracticalFeminist for the win since my sister took my church shoes (a more sensible 2″ wedge) to wear around the park for photos since she couldn’t walk in those ridiculous hooker heels and a long dress.

Survey: Practical or Fashionable?


5 thoughts on “And then I rubbed my eyes

  1. Practical, always. I remember someone in high school telling me I “always looked comfortable”. I think she meant it as sort of a jab that I never really too dressed up, but I consider it one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten!

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