The runDisney Gamble

IMG_2750The thing about running in Florida is you essentially can’t bank on the weather At All. No, really, like AT ALL. Examples:

Wine & Dine 2012: Slight chill at night
Wine & Dine 2013: Humid but not hot.
Wine & Dine 2014: Freezing rain and no sunshine until I was on the bus to the airport.
Wine & Dine 2015: Looks like it’s going to be hot and humid at 10pm at night.

The thing about all the Disney races is that really, if you’re banking on weather you can probably find better odds in Las Vegas or something.  So don’t be like my sister and pack just jeans assuming the weather will be what it was last year because that’s not really a very good way to go about it. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, DON’T FORGET YOUR POST-RACE PARTY PAJAMAS.

Show of hands: who’s ready to smell some oranges and some burning ancient cities after the race?!



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