The Quarter Marathon: Wine & Dine 2015

IMG_7942Ok, people are angry about the Wine & Dine race being cut in half. Understandable, if this were your first half and you were really looking forward to running 13.1 Official, Race Sanctioned Miles.  It’s also tough to justify a weather delay when there ends up being no weather per say, but honestly after the many Disney races I’ve done (some of them in not-so-ideal weather conditions) I know they don’t make a point of doing this.  RunDisney wasn’t shirking its responsibility or actively trying to rip people off.

The race started around 11 pm instead of 10 pm after sitting around in Champion stadium for awhile.  The hardest part was that the later it got, the sleepier I got and the energy started to wane but people were really well behaved about evacuating and then getting back into their corrals for the start.

I ran with Kellie, Kim, and Rae and I can honestly say that this has so far been my favorite Wine & Dine race ever, and that’s including the time I PR’d at Wine & Dine.

Favorite photo from a race ever: IMG_7947IMG_7982Like last year, Wine & Dine had some lessons learned. Sometimes you have to just meet the challenge that’s in front of you at the time.  Last year’s challenge was running in the cold rain, this year’s challenge was running a shortened course.  And I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say that half the course was the double the fun for me with my friends and we did in fact meet our own personal challenge of shutting down Epcot after the run.  Disney races are fun to begin with and even more fun with totally awesome people.  How will I ever run Dopey alone after this?!









10 thoughts on “The Quarter Marathon: Wine & Dine 2015

  1. I didn’t realize that they cut this race short (I know the RC cut Savannah marathon short due to weather as well). I think the RC made a wise decision though– albeit frustrating! You should run another Disney race– I’ve run Disney full twice and loved it! Good luck!

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