IMG_7993-0My plans for Thanksgiving fell through.  I had signed up for a half marathon in Naples to run on my birthday because I thought, “oh, this’ll be a great way to spend my 30th birthday!”  Due to some family stuff, my parents scrapped going down to Florida for Thanksgiving so my plan to freeload on the beach has been moved to freeloading on the couch in New Jersey, instead.

But what to do for my birthday.

Ever since I knew it was on my actual 30th birthday, I kinda knew I was going to run the Philadelphia marathon.  It had been nagging me in the back of my mind for awhile.  My parents’ house is not too far from Philly and my parents were willing to pick up my number for me on Friday and then drop me at the start on Sunday.  After I received written agreement to drive me to the start, I signed up almost exactly 2 hours before registration closed.

My sister: “But you said you hated marathons and you were never doing another one again.”
Me: “That was like, at mile 20 I texted that you. You can’t take anything I say at mile 20 seriously.”

For some reason, I’m just really excited to put on a plastic birthday tiara, run around Philly in the morning, and be home on the couch by 3 pm in time to eat some Carvel ice cream birthday cake in the shape of a Thanksgiving turkey.

Favorite way you’ve spent your birthday? Anyone else run Philly or have any tips for running there?


10 thoughts on “Phlexibiliy

  1. My favorite birthday was spent at Hershey park with my family. It was awesome cuz everyone was having a blast and not just me. I’ve been reading a lot about the Philly marathon… I live right outside Philly, but never really run in the city or anything. Good luck, I think that’s a great way to spend your b-day (makes tons of room for cake)!!

  2. I live just outside of Philadelphia and ran the marathon last year while getting ready for the Goofy Challenge, and I’ve done the 1/2 a few times. The first half is really nice, particularly the crowds between miles 5 and 7 through center city. The second half is easy enough, but it is boring. 6 miles down one side of Lincoln Drive, then six miles back on the other side of Lincoln Drive (with a weird little trip across a bridge and back to gain distance). Essentially you spend the third quarter of the race watching faster people who are going to be done with the race soon… Keep an eye open for cups of beer passed out near the bars, bring something interesting to listen to, have fun, and make sure you high-five Mayor Nutter at the finish line!

  3. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your birthday! I’m hoping there will still be pie (& stuffing) after my next full 11/28. Why else would I run it (oh, because my boss paid for it, that’s why).

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