Should I runDisney?

Here’s the thing: I love Disney. I love running in Disney. But, I also know one other thing: that is simply not the case for everyone everywhere ever.  Some people hate Disney.  Typically, these people like to be really vocal about their distaste for Disney World, the Disney Corporation, and in turn the evils of capitalism.  Fine, I get it, you don’t like Disney.  No big deal, different strokes for different folks.  It’s all good.

But it occurred to me that maybe we should have a checklist of sorts for people who aren’t Disney people and might be considering doing a Disney race. Here are some basic questions you can ask yourself before signing up to determine if a runDisney race is right for you!

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.54.16 AMIf you answered “C” maybe a Disney race isn’t right for you, and that’s fine. Don’t waste your hard earned money on something you don’t like, that’s why I politely bow out of going to Indian restaurants with friends.  If you don’t like Disney, you won’t like running Disney.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.56.51 AMIf you again answered “C,” well… Disney isn’t cheap. We know this.  The thing about Disney is, if you do enough research you’ll know going into how much it’s going to cost because Disney fans meticulously document things like restaurant menus (and prices) online.  If you think it’s too much money and not a good value for your money, you’re better off spending your money and time on something that makes you happy. If you answered “B” then maybe you do some pricing before you commit.  Races sell out really fast, but you still know the registration date far enough in advance that you can price things out and have a good idea of the costs.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 7.58.16 AMHere’s an important one.  If you do not like running at night, Wine & Dine is not the right race for you.  It’s very simple.  And if you read the race information, you’ll know that Wine & Dine starts at 10 pm, not 5:30 am like every other Disney race.  Maybe the wake up call is too early for a morning race, or maybe you wanted to run through the Castle and only certain races do that. Whatever, just read the race information beforehand.  Check out some race recaps online before you register.  There’s no reason to go into this blind with no idea what you’re getting yourself into–it is in fact a lot of money to spend on something if you’re not super duper crazy about it.

If you answered “C” to everything, still went, and proceeded to bitch about every tiny last thing then you need to just shut up.

Anyone ever run a race they decided just wasn’t for them? Race information you wish you’d had beforehand?


14 thoughts on “Should I runDisney?

      • I don’t know if you heard about the Wine and Dine half two weeks ago but they had to cut the race short because of weather and people were still whining that they cut it down because they “paid for 13 miles” and I was like guys, we paid for charity, not ourselves and they’re still keeping the park open for the after party and all the employees have to stay-this is a privilege… But I guess you just can’t make everyone happy, even at Disney haha

  1. I like Disney, but I wouldn’t characterize myself as a “fan,” and that’s primarily because I don’t like a lot of the entitlement the Disney fans exhibit and don’t care to be grouped among them. As far as their runs, after nine of them I’m kind of getting burned out on the experience. I have two more on the calendar, then I’ll step back for a while. To be honest, I’m not finding the experience is worth the constantly increasing price.
    As far as a race not being for you, I did the Las Vegas Half Marathon for years, before and after Competitor took it over and made it a Rock and Roll race. It was fun while it was still in the morning, but I did it in the evening the first year it was a night race and I hated it. I didn’t just dislike it, I actively hated everything about it. I still haven’t gone back. It’s sad because prior to the scheduling change, it was one of my favorites.

    • I know what you mean about the Disney “fan” mentality and the runs can definitely lead to burn out. The exhaustion from the lack of sleep combined with that being vacation time from work that never seems relaxing is starting to kind of take its toll on me…
      The night race always sounds so great in theory and then in practice I find I’m genuinely not excited about it. Even NYC started at 10 am or something for me and I felt like it was too late in the day. I’ve wondered about the rock n roll races, they get a lot of promotion on blogs but I’ve never been tempted to run one. Do you stay away from the series altogether?

      • I did stay away from Rock N Roll for a while, then I did Seattle last year and Phoenix this past January and loved both of them, so I’m warming back up to them as a race organization. I did the San Diego full years ago and that still stands as my PR in a full. Their Los Angeles route is boring as boring can be. The experience really differs in each city. They’re huge races, so organizationally you can compare them to Disney, but their corral placement is better. Try one out. You might enjoy the big circus atmosphere at least once.

  2. I actually feel that about the Wine & Dine, but just because of the late start. I ran it 2 years in a row and would roll in to the hotel at 430am and my kids would be up an hour later. It was brutal. It’s a fun race and I like Disney races a lot but I had to back out of W&D. That being said… my family wants me to run it next year. I have to secure a VERY good babysitter though because sleeping in is essential after that run and after party!

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