Pearls of Wisdom on Running (from my mom)

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.38.43 PMDisclaimer: I actually do love my mom I just can’t take her out in public too often…

On the phone with my mom the night before the Marine Corps Marathon, she gave Kellie and me some wise words of advice that we carried with us through to the following day and perhaps the rest of our lives.

“Remember girls, this isn’t a race.”
“I’m pretty sure it is, actually…”
“No, it’s not a race, just do whatever. Who cares.”
“But it’s like in the name, it’s a RACE. Like that’s what they actually call it.”

So when you start feeling tense just before a run-with-a-bunch-of-other-people-around-you, remember: No matter what the —- organizers call it, it’s not a race.



9 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom on Running (from my mom)

  1. Haha my mother is the same! She just doesn’t get it at all. She tries to feed me huuuuuge breakfasts when I’m off out for a few morning miles. She doesn’t get that fasted runs are pretty normal. She also doesn’t get what foam rolling is, and asks me to explain it literally every time I do it!

  2. Oh man, our mothers would get along so well. Mine doesn’t believe in “overexerting” yourself and is thrilled that it’s almost winter so that I can “stop running and be normal”.

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