Yeah, thanks, REI for telling me I need to “opt outside” today.  I 100% agree that shopping on black Friday is a nightmare and something I don’t engage in in the traditional sense.  No, I was never getting up before dawn or heading out to go shopping at 6 pm on Thanksgiving.  My mother hated the mall when it was empty, so there wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell we were going when it was actually crowded.

But I will say this: Online shopping the day after Thanksgiving is my jam.  It is what I do. Thursday night after the family has gone, I like to sit down and strategically do my holiday shopping.  Now, some of my favorite items I can’t share on here because certain readers are actually getting these things as gifts (super duper excited about those discounts that mean some great gifts for under $15!!!!) but here are some highlights from my black Friday shopping…

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.40.45 PMThings I’ve purchased:

$24.95 Little Mermaid Sailor Dress
$11-$17: Running Capris and Tights from Target
$4-$15 running shirts from Old Navy
$10 Disney tees from Hot Topic
$79.95 Brooks Ravenna 6 from Running Warehouse
GW Parkway Classic registration–Until 12/3, get $20 towards any other Pacers registration (and you can choose a $10 in store credit in lieu of a race premium/t-shirt)

All my holiday gifts are purchased, and while I was a little worried about what I would end up getting people, I’m walking away from this secure in the knowledge that I got good, useful stuff.

Black Friday: in store, online, or not at all?


2 thoughts on “#OptInside

  1. Depends…Black Friday is a new thing in Canada. Our version was Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). I went out at the height of the “Black Friday comes to Canada” hype about two years ago when the dollar was good–it was one of the more frightening experiences of my life…and I have swam with sharks….that was way less scary than Walmart at 12:00 am on Black Friday.

  2. I will NEVER engage in in-store Black Friday shopping. It just sounds like my own personal hell. And I’m usually too food-comaed out to do any online shopping, although I could probably save myself some money and stress if I did. I LOVE that Dumbo shirt!

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