Inter-Marathon Lull, Suggestions?

The fall haul

I have about a month until the Dopey Challenge occurs in Walt Disney World and I’m trying to figure out what to do between now and January.

Given how surprisingly pleasant the Philly marathon was, I’m not sure where to go with my training for the month of December. On the one hand, I want to build myself up a little bit and try to get in some longer distances between now and New Year’s…

…On the other hand, shit, what if I break something?

I’m in uncharted territory right now.  I’ve never wanted to run after a marathon, much less two that were a month apart.  I’m usually pretty lazy post-marathon for about a month or so; reticent to do just about anything. Yet now I’m finding myself almost antsy but not to do long runs, more so to do speed work over short distances and some heavy lifting.

And nothing can fuck shit up like speed work and lifting heavy things.

So, what do you guys suggest? What works for you in the “active recovery” department?


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