You know you’re shopping for a runner…

IMG_106410 gift ideas for runners that don’t require buying shit:

  1. Resist the urge to nag them about how running inconveniences you
  2. Next time they’re racing in your town, come out and cheer for them
  3. Have the hot shower running and warm pajamas waiting for them after a winter long run
  4. Surprise your runner on their summer long run with a cold beverage
  5. “Sure, I’ll paint the skin on that toe so it looks like there’s still a nail.”
  6. Act engaged the next time your runner wants to relive that race they PR’d at–fake it, fake it good.
  7. Inspirational Sports Movie Night
  8. White lies that mean so much: “You don’t smell… bad” or “No, you’re not walking funny at all”
  9. “Made you this bitchin’ playlist for the next time you’re stuck on the treadmill, hope you like it.”

And last, but certainly not least, number 10: “Have I told you lately just how proud of you I am? Good job out there, now let’s go get some doughnuts.”

What do you want to get this year?


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