Jingle All the Way 5k

IMG_8136Pacers strikes again: this month was their annual Jingle All the Way 5k and it was my first time actually running it. Every year I plan to and every year work gets in the way, but this year it finally fell at the perfect time to do it.

The race is held in Downtown DC starting just east of the White House (conveniently close to Astro doughnuts and fried chicken), running towards the Capitol and then back along Pennsylvania Ave. A nice flat course that avoids making you run up Capitol hill.

Cost: $40
Includes: long sleeve tech shirt (grey on grey, it was insanely unfestive), 1 drink at Shake Shack (anything! including alcohol!), jingle bells if you got to packet pick up early enough (a friend told me they were running out when she picked up around 11 am on Saturday), and a coupon for $20 off your $50 or more purchase of Mizuno brand stuff.

I gotta say, the best part of this race was how festively dressed everyone was–I mean, people really took the theme and ran with it. FYI, Flamingo hat man is not new, he wears that hat to a lot of races but this time even his hat dressed up.

IMG_8124I opted for Santa pajamas I had purchased from Target–leggings and a printed shirt. For some reason, Christmas races all seem to follow the policy that pajamas are 100% acceptable attire so for that reason alone I will totally do more Christmas races.  So many reindeer dogs were out on the course, too, which was adorable.  I love that Pacers races are dog friendly.  In a strange twist, there was also randomly a guy wearing a full Batman costume with mask and cape that I wasn’t really sure where that was coming from (maybe he was trying to find the Holiday Killer?) but hey, whatever, right?

The race put me in a festive mood, I hung out with a friend from my rowing club before and after and really enjoyed myself.  Everyone seemed to be a really good mood. Afterwards, I went holiday card and gift wrap shopping at the fancy place in Georgetown where all the cards are individually wrapped in plastic and then realized the cards were like $5+ a card so I headed to CVS where it was buy one box get one free then on to Trader Joe’s for some frozen latkes because when you live in a studio apartment frying anything is strictly out of the question.

How’re the holiday preparations coming, everyone?



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