Spin me right round

IMG_5506My sister lives up in New York City, while I live in Washington DC. She gets all the cool stuff when it is first created. If I wait really patiently, I get the knock off version that’s much less cool a few years later.  Case and point: We finally got our own Milk Bar but none of it’s apparently made in DC.  (I haven’t been yet, though.)

One of the things that came to DC long after it had been in New York for awhile was Soul Cycle, whose creator said “You know what, this gym just doesn’t have enough of a rave vibe to it.” The first time I went, I went with my sister and was very confused–why were the lights off? How do you see what you’re doing? How is this worth $30 a class? Why do these towels smell so good? etc. but mostly I was just really excited because all they played were the Backstreet Boys and *Nsync because apparently “theme classes” are a thing they do. Anyway.

To make the experience a little more DC, though, an interesting thing happened.  There were a few men in the class, which is mostly if not all female college students.  The instructor pauses a second after getting on her bike (which, by the way, is fronted by scented candles and mood lighting) and she peers out into the crowd and says the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard in a workout class…

“Are you wearing… a Lilly Pulitzer bathing suit to a spin class?” At first, from the question, I assumed she was speaking to a woman but no, it was one of the bros who said, “NO! It’s Vinyard Vines!” The lululemon women around me snicker a little bit and then the instructor shrugs and says, “Well, ok, but are you sure that polo shirt is going to be comfortable?” After the gentleman assures her that he is in fact most comfortable in his attire, the class begins.

Unusual, non-costumes you’ve seen people workout in?


2 thoughts on “Spin me right round

  1. lots of jeans. Flip flops. a lot of hoodies and sweats so they can “sweat out” their water weight. Or the super layered look of what looks like a compression body suit with shorts and a tee shirt overtop for modesty- and this was a dude wearing this. I think the denim is what gets me most because chafing hurts. lol.

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