Dopey Packing Challenge

IMG_7053I’m special: I pack for the Dopey Challenge using only my carry on suitcase and the one personal item allowed by the airlines. That’s right, no checked luggage. Who’s got money to pay those fees?!

If you’re doing your first ever challenge and traveling from out of town it can be tricky. Allocating luggage space is a delicate balance. Here are my top five suggestions…

  1. Two pairs of sneakers–wear one, pack one. I suggest this because if the shit hits the fan and something happens to the one pair you brought during the half marathon (or 5k or 10k) and you have a marathon the next day, excuse my language but you are fucked. This has happened to me where my shoe just came apart because it was an older pair. I never made that mistake again.
  2. Layer up for the flight: I’ve been know to wear three different layers onto the plane in the interest of saving suitcase space. Like those three throwaway sweatshirts that take up too much luggage room.
  3. Personal Item: Don’t bring a tiny bag. You gotta be strategic about this, take up all the under the seat space you can, people. Don’t leave an inch to spare.
  4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. It sounds gross but bear with me on this–especially if you’re a budget runner, don’t reinvent the wheel for every race. Re-wear stuff you wore for the 5k (like socks or your sports bra) that you can rinse out in the sink and dry for the next day. White skirt? Be Donald for the 5k and Daisy for the 10k or Baymax or Olaf. By gluing your costume details onto safety pins instead of directly onto the shirt/pants, you save your running clothes for future runs and future costumes.
  5. IMG_5703Weather plans: plan for any eventuality. You’ll know in advance (and this year’s probably going to be warm) but pack a back up alternate weather scenario. It can be freezing on Thursday and hot and humid on Sunday (like the Princess Half and WDW Marathon/5k this year).

And most important of all if you’re running a challenge in particular: Just FYI, you’re picking up 3-6 shirts even if you don’t buy a damn thing at the expo so factor that into your daily wardrobe planning.


9 thoughts on “Dopey Packing Challenge

  1. Sometimes when I’m packing I start to wonder just what it is that is so confusing for people. My clothes all fit in a carry-on with plenty of room to spare. Then I have to add in my curling iron, my makeup, other toiletries, my “oops” pouch with aspirin, pepto, bandaids, women’s sanitary products, etc…and I realize where all the space goes.

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