Countdown to Marathon Weekend: Favorite Memories

This will be my 4th marathon weekend, so I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite marathon weekend memories/moments…

Walking around the park with my medal after my first marathon in 2013. I took it off to take a shower but you better fucking believe you had to pry that thing from my cold dead hands if you wanted to get it away from me on Sunday after the marathon.

SundayBeing done with my first Dopey Challenge (2014). As I lay in pain in front of the hotel room, my sister wanted to take a moment and take a picture of me before letting me into the room. Turns out, I had the room key on me all along I just forgot I put it in my pocket. Yup. #DopeyBrain

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 7.24.43 PMThat time I awkwardly met Anna and Elsa (2014). I somehow ended up waiting in line for 1.5 hours to meet Anna and Elsa after I first saw Frozen. I waited on that line and there was no way I was leaving without a picture. I gave the cast member my phone to take a picture and she just walked away with it and never took a picture so all I had were the photopass pictures where I look really uncomfortable and awkward. Whatever, it was retrospectively magical and one of my favorite random Marathon Weekend memories.

IMG_5402Goofy Challenge (2015) with Kellie. Even when she was crying, we (I?) were still having a great time. It’s always an honor to share someone’s first marathon with them, especially when you force them to stop for character photos and see them sprint towards the beer when they assure you they have nothing left to give. I dragged the experience out as much as possible, right down to demanding she stop just before the finish line for a photo with Minnie Mouse.

Favorite memories?


2 thoughts on “Countdown to Marathon Weekend: Favorite Memories

  1. Even through the tears it was still so much fun…which is why I was still debating registering…because apparently never again means nothing (when it comes to Disney races).

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