Marathon Weekend Countdown: Costume Time

I can’t just wear normal clothes to run at Disney World. I might be at the point now where I don’t have the time/energy to make and sew full blown costumes after painting my own fabric, but I’ll be damned if I’m just going to dress normal for a Disney race.

IMG_8271WDW Marathon Weekend 5k: Canada Cast Member

I’m adding to my collections of “Costumes No One Understands But I Think Are Really Clever” and “Disney Employees” with this one by going as a cast member from the Canada Pavilion. Is it unwise to run in Florida in flannel? Probably, but for the 5k I can essentially get away with whatever I want and upside–no worries about bringing throwaway clothes!

Flannel shirt, Target, $15; brown sparkle skirt, $25

IMG_8270WDW Marathon 10k: Early Minnie Mouse

I bought a Minnie Mouse hat for the Dumbo Double Dare weekend that I didn’t end up wearing but I’m pulling it out for Minnie’s 10k.

Black tank top, from my collection; blue sparkle skirt, from my collection; white stickers, Shop Rite, $1.99; hat from Hat and Mouse, $30

IMG_8269WDW Donald Half Marathon: Donald Duck

I’ve always had a Donald Day in January. This year, it’s going to be the same day as the half marathon. I have been looking for some time for yellow leggings to run in–fortunately, last year Athleta randomly had a pair of yellow running pants on sale for around $15. Sold.

From my collection: Blue tank top, buttons, bow, and yellow leggings. Added: white sparkle skirt, $35.

IMG_8267WDW Marathon: Minnie Mouse

Who ELSE would I dress as for the WDW Marathon? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO. Those ears were made at home and are still going strong 6 years later. Quality crafting right there.

All the items from this costume come straight from my collection.

IMG_8268Each outfit has been assembled from socks, to underwear, bra, shirt, skirt, etc. in plastic baggies and labeled for each race. Why do I do this? It’s a) a great way to make sure I have everything; b) after each race, I hang up the outfit for tomorrow’s race in the bathroom; and c) I have plastic baggies that I use to bring leftover fruit back to the room from breakfast.

Well, this is it. If you’re running this weekend, god speed and may the humidity be super, super low.

What’s everyone wearing?



5 thoughts on “Marathon Weekend Countdown: Costume Time

  1. Great costumes! I like how you’re doing something different each race. I don’t have any costumes to run in. Maybe I can pick up something at the expo? Maybe some ears or something!

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