WDW Marathon Weekend 2016: Accommodations

IMG_8696-0This was my first official visit to Walt Disney World staying on my Disney Vacation Club points at the Boardwalk. And it was amazing. (I know all the signs have “BoardWalk” but I can’t bring myself to type that so I’m just going with Boardwalk.)

I’ve stayed here for the Dopey Challenge once before in 2014 and since then it was just too expensive for me to stay here. I stayed over labor day weekend last year during a trip with my parents in a one bedroom and my mom loved it, she thought it was a great room, great location, and overall a really nice hotel. Realizing that I loved it, I looked into just buying DVC points on the resale DVC market (which was significantly cheaper than buying them from Disney).ย  Honestly, it’s an expensive purchase but since this was my 4th consecutive year going for marathon weekend (and 8th year going this weekend in January), and after seeing how much the prices have gone up since we first started going, I’m glad I did it.


From the 10k

Reasons I love the Boardwalk (especially for race weekends):

Walk to Hollywood Studios and Epcot
Dining options
Good spectator location
Great place for people who don’t want to spend time in the parks

My sister could’ve watched me go by in the marathon and 10k from either the balcony of our room or parked in front of the Boardwalk Bakery eating (a really early) breakfast.

Eating options are amazing here. The Boardwalk Bakery is really delicious–the Tres Leches cake and PB&J cupcake they had were incredible and my sister gives two enthusiastic claws up to the lobster roll. In addition, you’re a short walk away from my favorite places to eat in Disney World: Il Mulino (Swan Hotel), Crew’s Cup Lounge (Yacht Club), Beaches and Cream (Beach Club), Katsura Grill (Japan pavilion in Epcot).

It’s also easy to watch the Hollywood Studios or Epcot fireworks from here, too, without going into the park. My mom doesn’t like going into the parks, and I could easily stay in this area and never go into a park myself.

IMG_8294I got a newly renovated studio room and I loved it. Loved it. The bed was great, I used the couch, the balcony was delightful (I did evening yoga on it), and the TV was huge. I thought the fold out bed that’s in the cabinet under the TV would be child sized but I actually fit on it (I’m 5’4″). Having said all of this, I am not really sure cramming 5 adults into this room is a good idea.

On one side of the walkway was the Luna Park Pool, the other, mile 24 of the marathon.

IMG_8310Being by the Luna Park pool, though, meant it was noisy–I and a few other guests played poolside trivia from our balconies on my first day there and even with the door closed I could hear the music. Also, I was right by the elevator which was convenient but again, surprisingly noisy and I say this as someone who lives in a city and leaves their windows open. By 8 pm, though, I was dead to the world and never heard anything. Honestly, I enjoyed playing poolside trivia from my balcony so much though that I wouldn’t complain about getting this room again. (We won.) Each day, the pool was pretty empty since it was a little chilly and often cloudy. I love the slide at the Boardwalk. Sure, it looks like a clown from Satan’s Circus is throwing you up, but it’s so much fun!

Even with all the construction/work that is going on at the Boardwalk, I had an amazing stay. Normally, I would feel nothing but pangs of guilt and downright fear after spending what I did on DVC points but, after spending this past week at the resort (Tuesday-Tuesday for 107 points), I feel nothing but really happy I did it.

Favorite hotels?


2 thoughts on “WDW Marathon Weekend 2016: Accommodations

  1. I bought DVC resale too! The resorts are so amazing!! When I go to Disney next month I will be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge for the first time!! So excited.

    Last year I took a tour at Boardwalk and also loved the nighttime entertainment at the resort.

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