No Plan No Problem

I’m in a nice, comfortable spot right now where I’m basically doing whatever I want with regard to working out.

My workouts thus far have been IMG_5506multifaceted–I do stuff for 10 minutes then change to something else when I get bored. Intervals on the treadmill followed by weights. 250-500 meter intervals on the erg with planks in between. The idea of doing yoga, the reality of never doing it. I also went to a spin class because I’ve realized that it’s nice to go to a workout class where someone just tells you what to do instead of me constantly having to make decisions. Also, the gym is very appealing since everywhere I walk there are patches of ice on the sidewalk.

IMG_5692I’m also getting ready for the Glass Slipper Challenge with my sister, who said immediately after Wine & Dine (and this is a direct quote), “I will Never Ever Ever EVER do THAT AGAIN.” The goal for this race is to get through all 19.3 miles without one of us killing the other or calling mom screaming, “I HATE HER!” So the bar is set pretty high.  Also, our parents are coming, too, so it’s a whole family vacation and we haven’t been on a vacation together in a few years so all… interesting, exciting things.

And most exciting of all, I will finally be rejoining my runDisney partner in crime and costume commander Kellie for the festivities and even Kim’s** going to be there!

**Appearance is scheduled and subject to change depending on availability

What’s something fun you like to do when you Break Free of Running?


16 thoughts on “No Plan No Problem

  1. As long as you sister sings a long and doesn’t say anything stupid like “what song is this?” regarding anything from Disney, I think all will be well. You’ll be unified by dragging me across the finish and it will be glorious!

    I can’t wait for W&D when our moms (in theory) will be there together! We haven’t seen them together before, so thus far, there is no proof they are not the same person.

  2. tips for walking on ice from a pro – lift your feet up…and plant them straight down…almost penguin like. It truly helps volumes.

    Also, 278 days until Wine n Dine….YAAAAS! Hopefully work doesn’t kill me before that! 🙂

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