Treadmill Dance Party

I have been really enjoying going to the gym in my building’s basement and running on the treadmill.  Weird mind trick: Sometimes, I just feel like “ugh, going 4 miles away is sooooo far” and for some reason just being in the same place doing 4 miles makes it seem shorter to me.

Lately, though, the thing that’s made me enjoy the treadmill is that it’s one of the only times I afford myself the luxury of listening to music while working out. photoSo what’s playing on the treadmill dance party lately?

January/February’s theme has been running emo in honor of Panic! At the Disco’s new album that came out 2 weeks ago. “I love the way you hurt me, baby,” I sing tenderly to my treadmill while my eyeliner melts all over my sweaty face. Lot of Fall Out Boy including:

Next up, Panic! At the Disco including:demi_lovato_-_confident_28official_album_cover29

And last but not least, “Confident” by Demi taylor_swift_-_1989Lovato.

And as always all of 1989 because I still love that entire album from the first second to the last.

Favorite new songs to work out to? Something I can add to make the treadmill more bearable?


3 thoughts on “Treadmill Dance Party

  1. I invite you all the judge me now, because I say: KE$HA IS SO GREAT TO RUN TO. Seriously. “Tik Tok” is super energizing. And in addition to listening to it, you should watch the music video for “Blow,” because muenster is like edible lactose gold and I don’t appreciate you SlanderBeeking my name.

  2. I’ve also had the new Panic! album on repeat. I love Jess Glynne too. Her new song “Don’t be so hard on yourself” is amazing, and probably a really good one to add to your workout playlist!

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