My Pal Hal

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 9.29.05 PMAfter a solid month of doing whatever, I’ve transitioned back into having something vaguely akin to structure. This week, I started prepping for the spring with a training plan.

I’ve tried a lot of different plans, including Galloway and Run Less, Run Faster.  Hal Higdon has proven to be my go-to plan, though, and I followed one of his for each of my standing PRs. (Thanks, Hal!)  When it comes to plans, though, you just have to figure out what works for you in terms of time (I’ve found they vary pretty widely, some are 6 days a week, others 3) and what I think of as “fancy” workouts (tempo, hills, repeats, etc.).

This spring, I opted for the advanced plan and started this week. So far, I’ve stuck with the plan verbatim for a whole 4 days, which for me is really, really good…

Monday: 3 easy miles + strength training
This turned into 3 let’s-see-how-fast-I-can-go miles and some ill conceived strength workout.
Yoga with Adriene

Tuesday: 6 x hill repeats
Little Seinfeld on the television helped me get through 6 actual hill repeats. I changed them up and did 1/10th at “holy shit I’m going to fly off the treadmill” pace, then chilled out and did the remaining five at a quarter mile in distance and a “I can do it… maybe” pace. Is anyone here a marine biologist?
Yoga with Adriene

Wednesday: 3 + strength training
These were slower than Monday. 3 days in and my legs are dead, people. That doesn’t bode well.
Morning spin class: It was show up today at 7am get Monday at 7am free and yo, I’m cheap and they rarely do discounts so I was all over this like an old lady at a Costco sample cart.
Yoga with Adriene to round out the day

Thursday: 40 minute tempo run
Solid 40 minutes of running. I set a goal for myself in terms of mileage before I started and I ended up achieving it and narrowly avoiding running into a Super Shuttle van.
Yoga with Adriene to round out the day

The weekend plan is a long of 90 minutes on Saturday followed by the First Down 5k on Sunday and a 4 pm spin class. I’m not saying I’m going to PR any time this spring, but I’ve started putting in a lot of hard work to get… I don’t know, somewhere.

What’s your primary concern re: training plans?


8 thoughts on “My Pal Hal

  1. Sneaking in strength training. Injuries are only a problem when I don’t do it. Also, may I suggest that you consider doing your strength on a hard run day? I find it allows you to have fresher legs for your next “hard” run.

  2. Way to go, Nic! I’m usually terrible at following a training plan, but since I paid for this one and coaching, I’m actually following through pretty well. I’m excited to see what it does for my overall fitness. The thing I often have trouble with is resentment of how much The Plan wants me to do. “You want me to run four times this week AND go to spin class AND do strength training? Eff off!”

  3. I always struggle with adding strength training and the little things such as stretching. It sounds like you are getting back into your running mojo! I like the structure of a plan as well.

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