Moving Forward

Post-Princess routine has meant mostly just getting back to what I was doing before I left. I hate being away from work for a week because then going back is insanely difficult despite telecommuting for most of the time I was gone. I had a brief taste of the Florida retirement lifestyle and quite honestly, I’m ready for it now at the ripe old age of 30.  Let’s make this happen.

Operation Half Marathon is still in full swing as I prep for the Superhero Half Marathon in May.

bildeIn the spirit of following a plan and being adequately prepared, I’ve also started considering my costume options because I’m not going to go to a Superhero race and not fucking dress up.  A long time ago for my first half marathon, I dressed as Sailor Moon.

Here are the issues I foresee in planning a costume:

  • Adequate coverage because while cleavage looks great in a comic, a woman with actual sizable breasts engaging in physical activity needs a lot more support than some skimpy corset number without straps;
  • While I’m happy to dress as a prince for the Princess weekend, this one I want an actual female character because there aren’t many to choose from so ladies gotta represent, you know what I mean;
  • Not Wonder Woman. Everyone and their mother will be dressed as Wonder Woman.

My references are all late 90s early 2000s anime characters, really, and Revolutionary Girl Utena is tempting but I’m 99% certain most people won’t know what the fuck I was going for with that one. I’m open to villains as well as heroes, so any thoughts anyone has are appreciated.

Costume ideas anyone?


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