Superhero 1/2 Training Week 4

IMG_8964Is it 4? Yeah, it’s 4. This is when the plan starts to fall apart a little bit. I started those first two weeks off so strong, so dedicated, so committed.

Week 3
Princess threw me off a little bit.  Naturally, my cut back week fell on the same week as the Glass Slipper Challenge and 5k. Observation: The early mornings for Disney races combined with the over-stimulation of Disney in general will leave you more exhausted than the actual miles you’ve covered.

None the less, I lucked out and did a bunch of my runs in Florida around my parents’ neighborhood, which disclaimer is really nice and scenic, but hey, that’s what happens when IMG_8796your HOA employs an army of landscapers and enforces a veritable police state re: exterior decorations, right? No dead foliage allowed, and no sand by the pool even though the pool is about 100 feet from a beach.

I did 9 miles over the weekend before Glass Slipper. Since Florida has no hills, doing the prescribed hill workout was a little difficult.  There’s a treadmill in the clubhouse, but it has a sign that says not to use it because it’s too noisy for other people using the clubhouse. It’s Del Boca Vista down there. But, when life hands you Florida citrus… I opted to swap out hills for running on the sandy beaches, which was actually really hard in a totally new, different way.

Best part of Florida running: Everyone was out walking their dogs so I just sprinted from one friendly dog to another.
Worst part of Florida running: There is no shade anywhere ever in the entire state.

Week 4
Mostly bouncing back from being away. Flew home Monday and missed my run and spent the rest of the week playing catch up. The week also included a lot of watch-less runs.  I find part of the reason I don’t want to get up and out for a run is because I don’t want to disappoint myself with the pace I’m running, so I just go out and run without the watch. Problem solved.

Highlight of the week: 90s themed spin class with all 90s classics plus the sun is setting late enough that I can run a route that’s not just laps around a single block!!!

So, how’s life? Anyone else really excited that the daylight is getting longer and longer?


6 thoughts on “Superhero 1/2 Training Week 4

  1. Love that a later sunset doesn’t make me feel like I want to go to bed the second I get home. AT 4:30 IN THE AFTERNOON. I take that as a major physical win. And Peter the Spin Guru makes me happy with all things Bon Jovi. #truegaymanlove

  2. days getting longer is everything! I am a morning workoutter and getting up with the sun is a million times better than getting up before the sun. and a million times easier haha

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