The Week in Running

IMG_4590It’s time to start mainlining Claritin as though it were cocaine and I’m Al Pacino in Scarface.  Spring is here my friends and here’s some of what’s going down in running this week.

Fall Marathon Registration Kicked Off This Week

The New York City Marathon had its lottery on Monday and while everyone was losing their shit over it I remain undazzled by this marathon and distinctly unenthusiastic about a fall marathon. Though, quite honestly, I could really go for a slice of pizza and a pineapple ice right about now.

RunDisney is Unable to Get Shit Together

RunDisney moved the registration dates for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon and the Avengers 24 hours before it was set to open online for DVC members and Annual Passholders.

So basically people who made a robot that looks and talks like Abe Lincoln can’t get their shit together enough to, you know, actually have registration open on time. I’m imagining a series of really frustrating meetings where I’d be the person saying, “You all know registration opened like 30 minutes ago, right?” (Coincidentally, there’s still no official course for Star Wars in a month, so…)

Runners’ World Mocks Annoying Runners

An old article from Runners’ World listed the 11 types of annoying runners. I’m not saying anyone I run with falls into any of those categories.


In DC, forget about the national election, the 2 things that really get monitored closely are pregnant pandas and cherry blossoms. It’s officially #blossomwatch season in DC. Looking forward to the 1 time of the year DC area runners are tripping all over themselves to run Hains Point. Capital Weather Gang is predicting peak blossom at the end of March (23-28).

What’s news in your neck of the woods?



8 thoughts on “The Week in Running

  1. I have a dream of doing NYC, but in reality, the race day logistics seem so inconvenient, I don’t know if I’d do it even if someone walked up and handed me a free registration.

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