Training Plan Week: I don’t even know anymore

IMG_8984Training plans always start out like, “Week 1 was awesome! So totally pumped for this training cycle!” Now I’m in the weeks where I can’t remember what week exactly it is and I’ve kind of ceased caring.


According to The Schedule, I’m halfway through week 6 and have a strong tendency to miss tempo runs. I hate tempo runs. I know they’re good for me and shit, but damn I fucking hate tempo runs. Aside from that, I’ve been diligent.

I moved my intervals/speed work outdoors last week, doing hill repeats at a quarter mile incline by the State Department (because nothing says IMG_8985safety on a run like armed law enforcement officers) and did my quarter mile repeats similarly outdoors. The paces averaged better than what I was running on the treadmill and all without even a bit of music aside from the maniacal singing going on in my head and the random man playing the bagpipes.

Also, I’ve been checking off my Yoga Camp with Adriene days on my Yoga Camp calendar. In case you can’t tell, this is the kind of visual stuff that really appeals to me. Calendars with smiley faces and stars.

IMG_8970Sunday was the first in a 2 part St. Patrick’s day running series: the St. Patrick’s Day Double Header, a 5k followed immediately by a 10k. I learned my lesson the hard way the first time I did one of these (Clarendon, 2013), when I promptly crashed and burned during the 10k. Hard. I was pleased with it overall, the weather was great, and as usual Pacers did a nice event that ended with a free Shake Shack milkshake (Coconut Tres Leches, mmm). Two enthusiastic thumbs up when you walk to the start line and just stroll into your corral all with less than 5 minutes to spare to the start. This year everyone got a medal, one one for the 5k and another for the 10k that doubles as a bottle opener (cue my grandmother’s voice saying, “drunken Irish bums”).

Tangent: I’d like to propose an alternative race for Americans of Italian descent, a St. Joseph’s Day race that ends in delicious pastries. Just floating this out there as an option.

This coming weekend is the Rock n Roll DC half and full marathon. Normally, I’d come out and cheer but I’m heading out to Arlington for the 4 Courts 4 Miler Saturday morning. It’s a nice sadistic course where you start off running down a steep hill only to turn around and run back up it.

Anyone really enjoying the slew of St. Patrick’s Day themed races and the amazing weather this year in the Mid-Atlantic compared to last year?


2 thoughts on “Training Plan Week: I don’t even know anymore

  1. I love St. patty’s day races! But I think I enjoy celebrating more, so haven’t run one in a long time. Sounds so fun though! The weather up in Boston has been AMAZING so far this spring– so no complaints up here either!

  2. We’re a multicultural loving group here at island Time. Pick a holiday, we’ll get the appropriate light ornament, and cheer you on as you run laps around the yard with the Mutt. The water stops are fully stocked with your choice of Crown, Patron, Crown, Patron…..

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