Wine & Dine 2016

IMG_7982It’s been a week since Disney announced changes to the Wine & Dine half marathon weekend this year and in typical Disney fashion they decided to unveil the changes after registration had been scheduled to open and the dates for the weekend had been announced. The changes turned what was the last of the remaining Disney night races into a typical morning run, added a 10k, and shifted the post-race party to Epcot at night.

Changes were inevitable to the Wine & Dine race weekend. Reality is, the construction in Hollywood Studios and the removal of the IMG_7961Osborne lights meant the course was going to change. The popularity of 10k races more so than the challenges meant that one was coming to this weekend inevitably. What did surprise me, though, was moving the half marathon to the morning and the after party to Sunday night. Honestly, I thought if they moved the race to the morning, they were just going to cancel the party completely.

Honestly, I like the morning races better. I like getting up, going out, doing the race, and being done for the day by 8 am, I’m an old lady like that. This is despite the fact that I am an evening runner. The biggest gripe I always had with the party was that I had to walk around post-run like a sweaty, smelly mess so honestly, I’m 100% ok with going back to my room, showering, and changing before the party starts.

IMG_4865-0People are outraged over the changes, but honestly, Wine & Dine is the race that everyone loves in theory and in reality all I ever hear anyone do is complain about it.  The weather, the party crowds… I am convinced that Disney put “wine less, run more” on their jackets as a dig at the runners.

I get where the frustration/anger comes from, but aside from the initial surprise I can’t get too genuinely upset by this.

Thoughts on Wine & Dine?


10 thoughts on “Wine & Dine 2016

  1. I’m more upset by the last-minute announcement than anything else. It’s just really shitty of them to change everything RIGHT as registration was supposed to get started, when some people (like us) had already made travel plans, or at least started fleshing them out. Also, I HATE getting up early, so the ass o’clock wakeup call automatically pisses me off.

  2. If they wanted to add the 10k, move the 5k to Thursday a.m., add the 10k on Friday a.m., and leave the half and party alone. RunDisney just lost this runner but it’s not like they’ll care. I’m sure there will be plenty more who will take my place. Hasta la vista runDusney. 😦

  3. I tend to be a morning racer too. I’m just bummed that now all of the races feel so cookie cutter. I had no plans to return this year so the announcement didn’t impact my plans. Just feels like runDisney is trying to add more races rather than keep quality experiences intact. But like Kimberly said, there will be plenty of runners to register and keep on paying 😉

  4. I’ve never done this race, so I don’t have an opinion on the changes themselves. I do, however, think it’s just the same dance on a different day in terms of Disney runners complaining. This group complains over merchandise, lack of merchandise, contents of treat boxes, changes in courses, this or that character not being on the course, the weather, and ANY and all changes Disney dares to make to MY race.
    So, yeah. Disney fan entitlement rears its ugly head again. Nothing new to see here.

    • Did I get myself into a group of complainers? Ugh!! I did my first Disney run in February and I am hooked. You will not hear any complaints from me.

      Honestly, by mile 8 in the Princess half, I thought that I was insane for running a half, my first and I was poorly prepared. My excuse, I live in the frigid north and training in the winter sucked! I am not a huge fan of the treadmill either. So I am really excited and motivated to train for a run in the fall. My reward for running is a trip to Disney. Short trip cause I’m not rich!

      By the time I crossed the finish line at the Princess half, I knew that I would have to return for another run. I was looking forward to a night run but I’m glad that they are offering a challenge for the Food and Wine run. I feel like I need to step it up. Then I will have to save some $ so I can do another run in 2018.

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