In the Box


A lot of blogs are selling box subscriptions.  The reviews tend to come in waves, I remember a month where you couldn’t read anything that wasn’t touting Blue Apron as The Greatest Thing Ever or Stitch Fix. HA. No thanks.

I did recently see online something called “Japan Crate.” Bold Font Disclaimer: I paid for this with my money because I was like, “oh that sounds like fun…” I decided to try it out because unfortunately Mitsuwa is nowhere near DC. (There is one small Japanese store in DC over by Howard University, but it pales in comparison.)

The box showed up late so I was f–king pissed off that they’d charged me and the box hadn’t shown up. “OH GREAT IT’S A SCAM!”–me. Because you never know, ok, you never know. In fact, I cancelled the subscription before I got the box because I was so enraged and like “this is not worth $25 a month!” It finally showed up on Monday. The woman at the front desk of my building was all “It sounds broken whatever it is” and my rage built.

To set the mood, I got back to my apartment and put on some old classic late ’90s J-Pop and of course, Anime theme songs.

I popped open the box and was immediately dazzled. It was a cornucopia of candy and snacks that had me instantly going “ooooo”. IMG_9024It came with an instructional booklet that tells you want the stuff is because you will note there is nothing in here that is in English. Time to bust out my old Japanese textbook and brush up on my katakana. I was really excited, though. I haven’t eaten everything yet, but IMG_9024so far there’s a nice variety, nice substance, and wow those chips with the powdered sugar were amazing. Oishii desu yo, guys.

Thing I keep mind when assessing overall value: Japanese shit is expensive. Even if I had an easily accessible, large Japanese specialty store, odds are this would still be expensive. Back in the late ’90s a CD from Japan was $30-$35. This is why I cried when my Judy and Mary Pop Life album cracked from being played so much. You kids don’t know how good you have it today. All we had was dubbed Sailor Moon only available occasionally on premium cable channels your mom wouldn’t pay for and I’ll never forget when Japanese copyright laws meant no more subtitles on Fuji TV!


I went back and uncancelled my subscription. I’m keeping it on a month to month basis and eating the rest of my candy this weekend while I re-watch Rorouni Kenshin and singing along to L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Box subscriptions: yes, no? Any favorites or ones you thought were a total rip off?


5 thoughts on “In the Box

  1. I think the subscription boxes are so lame. I mean if I want to buy clothes, I’ll shop online or go to the store…I don’t need a company to mail me clothes from Ross and upsell them by 500%! This one looks neat though and very unique!

  2. Bulu Box was a huge disappointment to me – stop trying to sell me on weight loss via random vitamins and laxative tea! Ipsy was fun, though, back when I got it, but for every awesome product there was a dud (I DO NOT USE NAIL POLISH STOP SENDING). I cancelled more for monetary reasons than anything else; I can see starting it up again some day if I ever find myself in one of those cash grab tornado machines.

  3. I’ve been getting Stride Box for two years now and I love it. $15/month and some months it’s easily got $30+ worth of goodies. I’m allergic to nuts so there are times when I can’t eat the bars, but I just give them to my runner daughter or someone in my running group. There were a couple months where it was pretty bare, nothing all that special, but most of the time it’s great. I have gotten great gadgets (stride lights, water bottle, blender ball, lock laces, etc) and lots of products I’d never normally fork over $3+ just to try. Glad your box turned out great – I’m usually a skeptic, too!

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