Dark Side

After a lengthy talk with a colleague, it was determined that my lack of self control and tendency to feel things, and feel them strongly, would make it impossible for me to be a Jedi. I would clearly go dark side in about 2 minutes. Also, to be honest, sand bothers me a lot given that it is indeed coarse and gets everywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 8.06.15 AMMy lack of self control manifests itself in a few ways, but lest you think I’m totally evil, flashing back to August of 2015 I told my sister’s bridesmaids not to worry because I was going to cover the entire bridal shower. I planned it out, paid for it, did the work, and their responsibilities consisted of “show up and have fun.” Which, when you’re planning something for a bride in her 30s whose friends are either a) still single and going on their 6th time as bridesmaid or b) have been married and now have a bunch of kids, is honestly the best way to do it.

So when one of them had an extra bib for the inaugural Star Wars half marathon in April she said, “Given how much time/energy/money you saved me with the bridal shower, if you want it, it’s yours.” After approximately 2 seconds of weighing my options, a quick spreadsheet of costs, and the fact that Dapper Day is the same weekend as is the Flower and Garden festival, I took her up on it. Karma is both a bitch and occasionally the nicest lady you’ll meet.

I’ve got my Dapper Day dress and petticoat on a hanger, an R2D2 t-shirt dress all set to run in, and the same colleague trying really to nonchalantly say, “So… it’s like… a medal… with Darth Vader? That’s cool, you know, cool, cool…”

May the force be with me because it’s going to hotter than Tatooine and more humid than the swamp of Dagobah.


4 thoughts on “Dark Side

  1. I’m not sure I totally understand Dapper Day. It seems to be a cross between this culture of constantly taking photos of ourselves and a good portion of masochism. The photos I see are lovely, but some of those people seem terribly uncomfortable.

    • It’s a strange group of people but I do love dresses from mid-20th century and any excuse to wear a petticoat. I will however note that there is not a snowball’s chance in hell will I wear any high heeled shoe in a Disney park. Or outside a Disney park, for that matter.

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