Packin’ Crap: Running with Your Backpack

IMG_6375In the District, you can easily see quite a few “run-muters” if you will, people with backpacks out running around 5-6 pm that are most likely going from work to home. The rowing season has started, which means my running has transitioned from something I do recreationally to an actual means of transportation for me to get from the office to the boathouse. It’s amazing how my runs are different when they’re not just running for the sake of running but because I have to get somewhere. It’s trippy, man. (Do you ever run as a means of transportation?) This means I am a backpack equipped runner from March through November. What kind of backpack do you run with?

What do you bring with you when you run? What’s a non-negotiable have to have it item? I hate running with a backpack. I prefer to run unencumbered, personally, and normally I’ll take my keys and nothing else. Usually, in the backpack, though: phone, my converse sneakers, an extra shirt/jacket, first aid kit, keys, work ID, wallet, locker lock, socks, water bottle. Especially in the spring/fall when it’s chilly in the evening, I bring a dry shirt and jacket to change into when I get to the boathouse so I’m not freezing and sweaty before I even get on the water. The shoes are for in the event that the boat flips and I lose my shoes (which are in the boat with me) I’ve got a back up pair. (In case you’re wondering, this is a “lesson learned” thing that has happened to me.) This is also why I need the locker lock, aside from shoes, nothing comes with me in the boat, especially not my phone. If you steal it, joke’s on you ’cause you’re just getting calls from my mom, a cracked illegible screen held together with packing tape, a constant reminder about upgrading my icloud account, and access to my 100+ daily emails with discount codes from Joann’s Fabrics. So HA, have fun with that.

Have you ever run with a backpack? It’s like I forgot I had arms, honestly, because my first day back wearing it today, I felt immobilized from the waist up. It’s restrictive, the straps go around my chest and waist and have to be pulled tight to keep it in place. It rubs my shirts so I actually have a pile of “backpack shirts.” And yes, I’ve had backpack neck chafing. I really don’t know how people with those water backpacks do it, honestly, especially in the summer months when it’s hot. I need to free flow, you know what I’m saying?



2 thoughts on “Packin’ Crap: Running with Your Backpack

  1. Preach. Having to carry stuff is one of the main reasons I don’t run to or from work….i’m finally close enough where I could but yikes…don’t even want to come close do carrying around lunches, thermoses of coffee, clothes, etc.

  2. I don’t think I’d want to runmute. I can run with a hydration pack, but a backpack would bother me, I think. Plus, I only live like a quarter mile from my office, so it would hardly be worth the clothing change.

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