Dark Side Challenge: planning edition

The Dark Side Challenge was a last minute, fluke kind of a thing and aren’t those the best kinds of things? Fortunately, I’m a Disney professional so I could 100% handle the issues that come with planning a trip to Disney World on short notice. Don’t try this at home, kids, I know what I’m doing.

IMG_7831Hotel – Pop Century
I knew I wasn’t going to have a lot of options/money, so I did some research and actually am traveling with 3 different reservations to achieve Maximum Best Rate and Availability. I got Friday/Saturday/Sunday through a travel agent, while Thursday and Monday were booked separately with an Annual Passholder discount.  The addition of Thursday/Monday were because the cost of flying on Friday/Monday was insane compared to Thursday/Tuesday.

Attire – Race Costumes/Dapper Day
I’m so excited my parents got an Amazon Prime account I can mooch off of like I do with Netflix. I ordered a polka dot ’50s style dress for Dapper Day on Saturday with a red petticoat (total: $30) to wear with the hat I wore for the Minnie Mouse 10k in January and a $15 pair of Minnie Mouse sneakers from Target.IMG_9081

For the races, after raiding a colleague’s safety monitor kit for an orange safety vest, I decided on Saturday I will be running as Matt, a Radar Technician for the 10k.

On Sunday, I shall be going as everyone’s original favorite droid before that adorable little soccer ball showed up, R2-D2. Original? no. Creative? not in the least. But whatever, it’s something, it’s hot weather suitable, and it’s what I could put together on a budget.

I’m looking forward to spending the bulk of my time sitting by the pool doing nothing and opting for doing “new to me things” that I don’t normally do when I’m in the World. Also, I’m assuming it’s going to be really, really hot and humid while I’m there.

What do you prefer: trips with a lot of time leading up to them or quick, spur of the moment type stuff?



8 thoughts on “Dark Side Challenge: planning edition

  1. I never do spur of the moment…there is always some effort of longer term planning involved. I think I would enjoy spur of the moment, though. Just the surprise/twist of fate of it all would be fantastic. 🙂

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