Posted in April 2016

Moving On

I’ve read a few race recaps from the Dark Side Challenge and apparently I’m the only person who enjoyed it. In some respects, though, I think the narrative regarding runDisney can be easily summed up as “moving on.” A lot of people started running around the same time I did, around 2012. It’s been theorized … Continue reading

Marine Corps Marathon 2016

They moved bib pick up for the Marine Corps Marathon from DC to National Harbor. I’m going to explain to you why this shit is fucked up. Bib pick up is normally in DC because this is, essentially, a DC race with brief sojourns in parts of Virginia where people say they live in DC … Continue reading

Just Floating This Out There…

I have heard a great deal about the community of runners and how wonderful those guys were for carrying a man across the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Now, I could just be a moron but I feel like… If I were to collapse at any point during a marathon, I would hope that … Continue reading

runDisney Dark Side Challenge 10k Recap

runDisney Dark Side Challenge 10k Recap

I have heard a lot of interesting stories about inaugural races. Offhand, the only inaugural race I can remember doing is the Nike Women’s Half in DC. That was amazing, but I’ve heard runDisney events in their first year have a steep learning curve. I really enjoyed the races though, honestly, and I thought they … Continue reading

Dark Side Challenge Training Recap

I went to the gym to run on the treadmill because outdoors is just like “ugh, OUTSIDE?” Then as I was leaving the gym, I spotted this little tidbit from that fount of knowledge, Cosmopolitan magazine. In case you were wondering, they did not in fact include actual sex positions influenced by Star Wars. There … Continue reading

Dear Couch

Dear Couch, I don’t know why people think you’re so terrible. I’m not sure why you’re my guilty pleasure. When I combine you with a Law & Order marathon, it’s pure magic. Being outside for a run doesn’t make me dislike you, sofa, it makes me love that much more. It’s like how they say … Continue reading

On. Your. Left.

The soft, mushy feel of flower petals under my feet, grinding into the small rocks on the paved sidewalk. The blockade ahead: a large, slow moving group of tourists. Dodge to the left, dodge to the right. Leap over tree roots and missing paving stones! Hurdle a dog leash! Tightrope walk the granite curb! Catch … Continue reading

The What’s Going On News Update

The What’s Going On News Update

Be Our Guest, It’ll Just Cost You Your Freedom In Disney News, runners complain about Wine & Dine race changes, vow boycott! Races sold out in an hour. Good job, guys. In related Disney News, runDisney will now start offering an official, race day packet pick up option for runners. For $39, runners can officially … Continue reading