Just Floating This Out There…

I have heard a great deal about the community of runners and how wonderful those guys were for carrying a man across the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Now, I could just be a moron but I feel like…

If I were to collapse at any point during a marathon, I would hope that medical personnel would rush to my aid pretty quickly. Realistically, I would prefer that someone not make their main focus dragging my limp and lifeless body across the finish line for the sake of finishing.

Having parked myself at mile 20 of the Marine Corps Marathon, here’s the thing: you can tell the difference between someone who trips and falls and someone who is clearly in distress and needs medical attention. I honestly don’t think we should be glorifying this as “They carried him across the finish line so he could finish the marathon with just 100 feet to go.” Instead, maybe we should be asking where medical personnel were when this guy went down and wasn’t getting up on his own.

“At that point, you’ve gotta get the guy across the line,” said one of the men who helped carry him. No, no you don’t have to get the guy across the line, you have to get the guy medical help.

So… thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Just Floating This Out There…

  1. If the way to medical is closer and faster to carry person, then carry away. If the reason they did it was so dude wouldn’t DNF, then WTF let the guy be treated. It’s just a race.

  2. Ok, this cracked me up because honestly, this was exactly my first thought! But then I thought, hey at that point the closest medical personnel probably were on the other side of that finish line anyways!

    That being said, these guys should be commended for getting him to medical help quickly, not necessarily just for dragging his ass across the finish line – apparently this guy was literally on the verge of death…pretty sure he’s not going to care about his medal at that point.

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