Marine Corps Marathon 2016

2013-3-28-MarineCorpsMarathonThey moved bib pick up for the Marine Corps Marathon from DC to National Harbor.

I’m going to explain to you why this shit is fucked up.

Bib pick up is normally in DC because this is, essentially, a DC race with brief sojourns in parts of Virginia where people say they live in DC because it’s fuzzy like that. National Harbor, however, is out in bumblefuck. By bumblefuck, I mean it is a) not in the District of Columbia, b) it is not metro accessible, and c) it’s not easy to get to nor would anyone want to go there for any reason.

No one’s ever like “Oh yeah I hung out at National Harbor this weekend and it was awesome.” NO BECAUSE NATIONAL HARBOR IS NOT A PLACE ANYONE WANTS TO GO TO BECAUSE IT’S NATIONAL HARBOR.

Anyway, just a head’s up. Budget a lot of time to get to/from packet pick up this year.


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