WTF Friday: The Weather Edition

img_9667This was the forecast on Wednesday. There has been no sun, no joy, no fun for what has been about a week. The sun came out briefly on Monday, and I thought at that point the dark, dank, greyness had receded and finally gone away.

By the time I got across town on Monday, the sun was not only gone, but it started to rain. And thunder. I was walking home after practice, thinking “Wow, this rain really is coming down hard, it hurts.” Then I realized, oh, that’s ’cause it’s hail. I’m getting hailed on. In May.

It’s as though DC completely bypassed those intermediary nice times of year, where the weather was refreshing as opposed to depressing; inviting instead of oppressive. This is the whole reason I live somewhere with seasons. And you know what, it’s really hard to get excited about going outside to do things when the weather is like this. Whether it’s running or grocery shopping, I just want to camp out on my couch underneath lots of blankets until the weather gets its shit together, even though I know the hot, humid, blistering days of summer aren’t far behind the break in the clouds.

Is anyone else trapped under a grey, rainy cloud that’s not going anywhere?



3 thoughts on “WTF Friday: The Weather Edition

  1. NY and DC are apparently the same, so you might as well come live in NY so we can watch Dance Moms while eating really good bagels 😉

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