Superhero Half Marathon 2016

The Superhero half was my first ever half marathon and at the time, I loved it. I dressed up as Sailor Moon after spending a lot of time on my costume and there were a lot of other people out wearing costumes. I have really good memories of it, so every year when they did the $20 early, early registration, I’d sign up and think of it as a double header: Brooklyn Half on Saturday, Superhero on Sunday. I never did the double header, and despite the best of intentions never managed to make it up to Morristown for another go at the Superhero Half.

With what appeared to be beautiful weather, though, I was not missing the race this year so I got in the car and drove myself up to Morristown for the Superhero half. (Yes I’m 30, no I’ve never driven on a highway alone so it was very exciting driving on 287 by myself.)

Things had changed. The course was a figure 8 instead of a double loop. There were few people in costume and even fewer in good costumes. I saw one woman as a decent She-Ra and a man in a Mincecraft outfit complete with cardboard box head and sword and that was it. The removal of the double loop also meant the course was no longer spectator friendly, so those were few and far between.

I knew by mile 1 today was not going to be my day. I knew by mile 2 today was really not going to be my day. By mile 7, I said Jesus take the wheel ’cause I’m checking out. 5 miles were through woods on a paved trail, which I remember running in 2012 but I don’t remember it being so… long. It felt like an eternity. I couldn’t see anyone in front of me or behind me, and while that’s very pretty and scenic I was fucking bored out of my mind on this twisting, winding path of which I could see no end.

And then it started to rain. And then it hailed. Fucking hail.

So all in all, I won’t be back to do the Superhero half again. It wasn’t worth traveling for, even if that travel were just a 45 minute drive. If I were choosing, I’d be back for the Princeton Half before doing this one again since it’s 10 minutes away and a roughly similar, but comfortably familiar course.

Anyone else have a “Jesus take the wheel” moment during a race?



4 thoughts on “Superhero Half Marathon 2016

  1. I maintain my sentiment that paying for a superhero half and not dressing up is just pointless. The least you could do is put on a batman shirt or something. Heathens.

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