The Sound of Silence

I kinda haven’t been running at all, really.

The last week or so has consisted of doing something I haven’t done in a long time: binge reading. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Red Queen, and Haunting of Hill House.

Growing up, I was 100% the kid who opted to stay inside to read over going out to play. Why play in a suburban New Jersey setting when I could read a book and my imagination takes me to a chocolate factory?! Since leaving graduate school, where I was “reading” 4-5 books a week and that was essentially my job, without the deadline or need to turn something in either in the form of a book review, discussion, or historiography, reading felt… indulgent. I used to write book reviews for academic websites and journals just to get free books, and you could totally tell which ones were mine. I’m still kind of shocked they were published, honestly.

Reading is just sitting around doing one thing. Even watching tv, I can multitask. I watch TV while I make dinner, while I eat dinner, clean up, chat with friends, talk on the phone with my mom. Reading is just reading; sitting down and reading. I have to concentrate in a way that I definitely don’t when the Real Housewives are just noise in the background. (But seriously, c’mon, we all know where you were going with Tipsy Girl, Sonya.)

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