Gracious Losing

I may never be able to teach you how to be a gracious winner, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last 30 years of living it’s how to be a gracious loser–fake it til you make it, people.

largeDon’t throw/kick/punch anything or anyone.
This one’s a dead giveaway. Assaulting stuff is also potential criminal activity, so don’t be a loser and end up in jail. I learned this lesson from losing at board games as a child. No one appreciates when you flip the board screaming “I hate you” at the winner.

94a5b43996466052_1410276042-regina-george-mean-girls-katy-peryy-taylor-swiftPractice smiling and saying “I’m so happy for you!”
There’s nothing more satisfying than congratulating someone for beating you in a fashion that’s sincere and they can genuinely believe. You know how your parents taught you the nuances to lying and how it’s ok to lie sometimes? This is one of those times. Lie through your teeth. Regina George the shit out of this.

giphy-facebook_sRemember, your life isn’t over.
I mean, maybe it is, but odds are it isn’t. Just take a moment to remember that they may have won at this meaningless little thing but you’re winning at other areas of your life like how the woman at the Chinese restaurant knows your take out order and always assumes it’s for you and a husband. Do they have that?

And next time, you just get out there and try again. Life marches on endlessly despite your disappointments and letdowns–and maybe just avoid your teammates in the parking lot if it’s clear that you’re the reason they lost.

Tips for losing with grace and dignity?


One thought on “Gracious Losing

  1. Hide yourself away from the world and drink beer and eat potato chips. Oh wait, that’s not right. That’s just how I deal. 😉

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